Wood Flooring

Laminate Flooring (Gloucester)

Laminate flooring has come a long way in recent years and good quality laminate floors are excellent value for money. Most come with a 25yr to lifetime manufacturers guarantee and as long as it's looked after correctly, it should look as good as the day it was fitted in years to come. There is a huge range of laminate flooring on the market and some of it’s just not up to the job. Good advice could save you from future problems or a costly replacement.

Quickstep Laminate Flooeing

We highly recommend using Quickstep Laminate Flooring as we have found it to be far superior to many other manufacturers. There is a great selection in the Quickstep laminate range with something to suite your home and budget. Other good brands we use include, Balterio, Tarkett and Parador laminate flooring.

Engineered Real Wood Flooring (Gloucester)

Engineered wood flooring is a more stable solution to real wood flooring, not to mention more environmentally friendly. An engineered board is made from several layers of wood which are glued together to form the board. This makes them ideal for areas which have irregular humidity or under-floor heating. Usually the overall cost of an engineered wood floor is very similar to that of a solid wood floor, although they are laid using different methods. A solid wood floor is fixed with glue which forms a permanent bond to the subfloor, whereas an engineered floor is normally floated (loose laid) on an underlay.

Kersaint Cobb Engineered Wood Flooring
Engineered Real Wood Flooring
Kahrs Engineered Wood Flooring

The layers of wood which form the base of an engineered board are made from softwood and the surface is made from up to 5-6mm of real hardwood of the chosen species. Laid on a good underlay, engineered flooring provides the nicest and most stable of the real wood floors. Just like solid wood there are different finishes and board dimensions for you to choose from, the finish on the board can decide how much maintenance your floor may need. A new Oak floor for example could be available oiled, lacquered or matt lacquered. The oiled finish provides the most natural look but requires the most maintenance. The lacquered finish gives the wood an unnatural but still elegant sheen and requires the least maintenance. A matt lacquered finish is the latest innovation and has both advantages of lacquered floor but the finish of an oiled floor.

Solid Wood Flooring (Gloucester)

Solid wood floors are the real McCoy and look and feel fantastic. However conditions for a solid wood floor are not always ideal. The sub-floor must be properly dry as Solid wood flooring is extremely sensitive to moisture and temperature. For these reasons it is very important that it is fitted professionally and the correct adhesives are used. We carry specialist equipment for testing subfloors for suitability. It’s surprising how many concrete floors are found to be unsuitable despite looking and feeling completely dry. Problems with solid wood floors are the most expensive to correct and that’s why it so important to get it right from the start. Preparation is everything.

There is a great deal of Chinese wood flooring out there, especially Oak floors, many of which are not dried sufficiently and are considered to be "too green". Many of the big Superstores sell Chinese oak floors because it is considerably cheaper than any sourced from Europe. However there is a reason for it being so cheap. They tend to use short, narrow planks and limit the drying to a minimum. Some manufacturers are so desperate to say their oak flooring is from Europe they actually ship it from Europe to china for production, then ship it back again.

The more wood flooring has been kiln dried the more stable it should be once laid. A "green" floor is likely to be unpredictable and “risky”. We always source our hardwood floors from manufacturers where we know the timber has been dried and stored correctly. Solid wood floors are best fully bonded to the subfloor with specialist flexible adhesive. Just like the engineered flooring it is important to choose the finish that best suits your requirements.