• Stanmans: Gloucester

    At Stanmans we were faced with quite a challenge! The existing floor was in a terrible state, but needed to be good to get the finish we required. There were several different surfaces and levels to overcome. We uplifted all the old floor coverings and cleaned off old adhesive residues. We re-built the steps so they could carry the Gradus nosings that were required. We applied F.Ball primer over the concrete and then covered with F.Ball StopGap Latex and brought this up to meet the top of the step and the ramp. At the lower end of the shop floor we screwed 6mm Ply board over the existing chipboard and then feather edged over the joint and screw heads with F.Ball StopGap 500. This gave a perfect finish to lay the Polyflor commercial tiles and the Altro safety flooring for the food preperation area. We finished the job before the deadline so that the chillers could then be installed on top of our floor.